Why Steel Cut Oats?

why steel cut oats

To get the answer to why steel cut oats? Lets us first understand what is steel cut oats?


The oats obtained from oat groats when the only outer husk is removed and then cut into two-three cuts are called steel cut oats. These oat groats are chopped into pieces with the help of steel blades. And hence they are called Steel Cut Oats. Steel-cut oats are also known as Irish Oats or Pinhead Oats. Steel cut oats are very closely related to oat groats.

The steel cut oats nutrition value is comparatively high just because they are not processed. Hence, steel-cut oats are called Power Oats. It is the purest form of whole-grain oats you can ever have. After processing steel cut oats we get quick oats or rolled oats. This is the basic difference between steel-cut oats and quick oats. Further quick oats are processed into the instant oatmeal packets. Instant oatmeal packets are more processed and contain gluten and added sugar.

How to cook Steel Cut Oats?

Steel cut oats make wholesome and high nutritional breakfast meal. You can have these oats in various forms. It can be a good add on to sweet and spicy flavoured dishes as well. Versatile dishes can be made from steel-cut oats and eaten at any time. Although oats are most probably preferred for breakfast it can be a healthy choice for wholesome lunch and dinner also. Fine smaller pieces of quick oats make it faster and easier to cook relatively it takes time to cook. Steel cut oats take a long time of approximately 20-30 minutes to cook. For quick and fast meal soak steel-cut oats overnight then the cooking time can be reduced by 10 minutes.

How does Steel Cut Oats taste?

Definitely, it’s a taste test for steel-cut oats. Steel-cut oats are different in taste, texture. Steel-cut oats are very similar to brown rice. It has a chewier texture. Must try once to discover the taste of steel-cut oats. To get something you have to lose something. So to get high nutritional value, protein, good health and fitness you need to compromise a bit on your taste.

Why Steel Cut Oats?

Given a choice between health and wealth, what will you choose? Well, it’s a matter of choice. And it may differ from person to person and change from time to time. But most of the time people are health conscious. Because if you have good health you can be wealthy. But not always wealthy people are healthy. If not wealth, what makes good health? And I must say a healthy diet consisting of high fibre, protein, vitamins are core for good health.

To answer the question of why steel cut oats we must understand the health benefits of these type of Oats.

Health benefits of steel cut oats

Steel-cut oats have many health benefits.

  • They are loaded with antioxidants which have various health benefits.
  • A steel-cut oat is least processed oats having low-glycemic(Low GI) diet. This may reduce weight, reduce blood sugar levels, and risk of heart diseases.
  • Steel-cut oats can help to lose weight drastically. You don’t tend to feel hungry after having steel cut oats meal for a long time. There is a feeling of Not-Hungry-At-All.
  • The fibre content of steel-cut oats is the best aid for your digestive system. The fibre in steel-cut oats fuels the good bacteria in the intestine and promotes regular bowel movements. Thus, the number of calories that burn increases day by day.
  • ’Prevention is always better than Cure’. So why not have a best-preventing measure of including steel-cut oats in your diet on a daily basis. A bowl of steel-cut oats will keep the doctor away.

Are steel cut oats gluten-free?

Yes, they are not only gluten-free but also sugar-free. There are enormous health benefits of eating oatmeal. Consumption of steel-cut oats reduces the cholesterol level in the body, also stabilizes blood sugar levels, and reduces the possibility of many other diseases. There might also be a question why is oatmeal good for you? Oatmeal is best for you not in only health terms but also it helps in drastic weight loss.

For better health and best fitness, the only Mantra is said Hi to high fibre food like oats, salads and bye to junk food. Yes, you read it right!! I wrote and stressed on the word ‘Oats’. Nothing can beat oatmeal in fibrous food and high-value nutrition. So next time you come across this question that why steel cut oats, I hope you know the answer.

So GET-Steel Cut Oats, SET-Oats mean, Go-For Healthy Nutritional Ride!!

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